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ACBA Observation Hive Cleaning Party

This 10 minute video features ACBA club members cleaning the club’s observation hive on monday morning. The hive is situated inside with an opening through the wall to the outside. Inside the hive there sit 4 vertical frames sandwiched by plexi-glass. It’s quite an interesting set-up. As the video shows, a more regular cleaning is important to keep the bees happy.

*Special Notes on the film: The hive should be carried outside in order to limit bees escaping into the building. Future taping within the building ‘needs to be ‘okayed’ by the city.’

Enjoy the video.

DRAFT VIEWING Version 1.2: Early Viewing of “Cleaning the observation hive,” draft v1.2 (2011-01-25) in HD.

The Basement Build – Episode IX

Episode IX is focused on the installation of our beautiful second hand oak floor.  It’s remarkable to see how much closer this whole project appears to be finished with just the addition of flooring. I think now my back and knees are both ready for a little break.  I was also hoping this whole process would end in a nice round number, but it doesn’t look like we’re going to get away with single digits only.

Enjoy The Basement Build – Episode IX – Walks Like A Duck.

The Basement Build – Episode VIII

Episode VIII  looks at the final decorations of the project.  Like copper wall hangings, colors, a ceiling, and the acquisition of some old oak flooring (which actually moved from Oakland to Laguna Beach a couple of years ago, and now, after being used down there, makes it’s way back to Oakland.)  Episode VIII also features a song familiar to anyone who frequented DisneyLand and stayed past dusk in the 1980s.

Enjoy Episode VIII – Decorations

The Basement Build – Episode VII

The seventh in a series of episodes chronicling the progress of the basement through recorded media.

Episode seven, “Get The Lead Out,”  frames the acquisition and renovation of a acquired second hand solid wood five-panel door.  This episode also marks the four year anniversary of the project, showing the significant delays as well as the great accomplishment and progress.

Follow the series to see how it all comes along, and when it will ever get done.

Featuring Music by Dread Zepplin.

Video Copyrights 2010 Don Juan Productions & johnmizell.com