Journey to California

Last week I got to go out to California with a couple friends and teach folks how to surf and sail and enjoy beautiful California weather and beaches, including a short visit to Popa Bob’s (regardless of a wicked red tide). The first day included driving about collecting all our goods, surfboards, wetsuits, lunch and then settling our camp down at San Onofre’s Trail 4. The next day we woke up, drove over to Old Man’s and surfed till noon, then we drove up to New Port and sailed away on the 35 foot “Tara.”

T’was a nice boat. We stopped and anchored in front of Fisherman’s Cove and had Dan swim in to test the waters frigidity, he later recounted. “I hate you guys.” We then picked up anchor. Then we pulled the boat back into it’s slip and drove down to Laguna where we had a wonderful stew dinner. The third day we woke up and went down Trail 4 for some different surf. The swell was very clean, unfortunately, the water was a blood red and riddled with jelly fish, it made me think twice about doing back flips off my board, but I did catch 4 feet of air off the back of a wave, so that was fun. Day four we packed things up and drove back to Tucson. I like to think that everyone enjoyed the stay. We took a couple of pictures of Dan doing work and cursing under his breath and some of the different surf skills learned, including ‘toes on the nose,’ though my pupil is a little shaky up there, I think we can work on it.

Hangin’ Ten

Dan holding the anchor – I was talking to Andrew on the phone.

Dan still holding the anchor – I was enjoying the weather. J