Weekend before school begins…

Friday, the week before I begin my 5th year at The University of Arizona. I’m taking the least number of units in my career so far, I’m an ASUA Club Advocate, and President of three clubs on campus. My game plan is to ace my classes, but we’ll see how that goes. So far, that’s been my game plan since I stated attending this school.

I’ve been thinking about getting a notebook computer for the last month. Last week I decided on one I liked. Today I bought it. Next, I get to pay it off through out the school year. I anticipate it will help greatly with my balance between home and school. I won’t be reliant on getting home for information. I’ll have it with me at school. Plus, my desktop is slowly becoming a beast of a machine that is failing. Fortunately my monitor is still working wonderfully and my laptop has DVI so I can connect the two quite easily. I look forward to being able to move away from staring into the corner when ever I work on the computer. YEAHH!

I think now I will move my computer into my room….

The End.