Actual Spelunking – Pepper Sauce Canyon – Tucson, AZ

Acutal (not urban) Spelunking – in a cave, a very dark cave.. dark cave with wet water – and that smell.. pleasent, get on all fours smell.

John, Chris, Amber, Matt – in the cave, it’s the mud that’s got us acting weird… I swear. Though it was clear some folks enjoyed the cave for it’s solitude and similarity to an air tight container in which they could surround themselves with personally altered air which they would breath in and enjoy.

Here is a convienent map which is posted out front the cave. I suppose this image is a little small.
PepperSauce is a great little recreational cave. If you’ve never been in a cave this is a great start. It’s dark, wet, you get dirty and there are plenty of people to help out if you get yourself in trouble. The extensiveness of the little cave is quite vast and once you visit a couple of times you’ll begin, I’m sure, to find all the nuances and tricks the hiding place has.

One response to “Actual Spelunking – Pepper Sauce Canyon – Tucson, AZ”

  1. i love this cave! my friends and i have been lost in it many times and it seems to bring us closer to eachother everytime….