I recently spent some time looking online for some places to explore here in Tucson – abandoned buildings, tunnels, stadiums, farm houses, etc. etc. [This will be referred to ‘urban spelunking’ for those of you not familiar with the term] To my dismay the only report I found online (this could be attributed to my lack of search skills) was that of a fellow who had posted to a forum asking if anyone had any tips or ideas for urban spelunking in Tucson because he was new and wanted to give it a shot.
Now I know, for a fact, that I’m not the only guy in Tucson who digs the Urban Spelunking. I know this because I learned to enjoy it from some other folks who taught me and I have my suspicions that there are more like us, simply, not organized.

For those of you not familiar with urban spelunking – check out this reference site – it is amazing. Be extra sure to read the Theory and Ethics portion of the page.

SO – with that said, this will be my attempt at providing fellow Tucsonans with a urban spelunking resources – as meager as it may be.

-Cochise Alpha-Bravo

*These details are fictitious. This post in no way condones the violation of federal or state laws, vandalism, trespassing, or misuse of property. Copyright 2009 John Patrick Mizell


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