Winter Break – Work – Train Hopping

It’s difficult to write regularly, however, I’ve begun a couple of other blogs, more informational, so perhaps I’ll remember to write for the fun of it more often too. (though I think I write in the others for the fun of it too.)

Since I last posted I’ve dropped out of school, taken a ‘leave of absence,’ in order to travel and do some introspective, soul searching, goal setting, happy thinking; if that makes sense. [I haven’t used a semi-colon for quite some time] I’m currently working at Wild Oats Market, 5 blocks away from The Adams Street Suite and I’m still teaching CPR/First Aid Courses. Further, I’m doing my share of not have any obligations outside of ‘work.’ i.e. when I’m home, it’s time to relax.

Last night Jon and I went out to try and jump onto a train heading North to Phoenix. We were all set and ready to go, but alas there was no train going north between 10:30 and 2. So we hoofed it back home and got some sleep in our own beds (well, me in mine and he on the couch). I intended to get up and go watch for other places we could hitch on the train, but instead, I got up and started copying some DVDs, made cookies, started laundry, and now here I am. It’s a day to relax and recharge. Maybe later I’ll go rent a DVD and buy some dinner makin’ stuff.

After I work for a while my plan is to take off with Jon to Ecuador and do some surfing and some work (hopefully on some organic farms) but some days I really want to go work and other days I just want to go relax and do nothing of the sort – just adventure and see where the wind takes me. We’ll see what is most probable.

I cut my hair a couple of weeks ago, bought some new pants, and, in general, cleaned up a little. It’s definatly novel.

Surfing this weekend with the club – not a bad deal.

With that I’m going to do a little more work on my other Blogs and websites and try and copy some more DVDs.