WWOOFING and other Planning

WWOOFING and other Planning

Spending time online figuring out what our plans out of Montañita will be. Right now it´s a toss up between three, all in the Andes. Tina is in Charusco, Carol is in Tungurahua, and Jose is outside of Otavalo. Most of them seem to harvest similar things, though not all the same, Carol harvests some flowers while Jose tells us what he harvests ¿see anything out of the ordinary? Yeah, we didn´t either.

So, with this information, and information provided by our lovely new Canadian friends, our new route is looking something like this. Exit Montañita in the comming week. Travel south through the banana plantations and then up to Quito/one of these farms generally close to Quito where we´d work for a number of weeks having two days out of the week to travel about the rest of the country taking us up into the north west to the costal town of Monpiche where the surf is average, but the sites beautiful, as well as perhaps a trip to the east into the jungle where we hope to serve our left pinky finger to the animals. One way or another, we´ll be here, in Ecuador, doing .. something.

Oh, and you know that story about not letting the bet bugs bite? .. it´s never hit so close to home. I´m not sleeping with my pancho atop my bed so to avoid such horrors as bites across the geography of my body.. a fate our Canadian companions so unfortunatly did not avoid.

While dropping our laundry off – I know, us American babies – we watched very intensely, it was the most excitment I´ve had for days, as a local kid led a trail of corn under a bucket held up by a stick attached to a string. Something I´d probably only seen on Dennis the Mennace. Sure enough the pidegon gobbled up every one of those pieces of corn, all the way under the tub, so percisely propped up… then Snap! down it came. Alas, the bird escaped, but we enjoyed watching every minute of the game.

I think that will end my broken and misspelled entry for today.

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  1. This sounds like a lot of fun… what an adventure! I’m totally jealous. Good luck with the buggies!

    = )