Bend and Snap

Wednesday, July 5 – I am back in Tucson.

I was a little discouraged from our last attempt.. but I had some leaves to toy with. I tried nailing them up but they just pulled the nails out and spun about them. The nails also bounced off the flimsy cross pieces and simply caused me a headache in the half our I worked on it. I came back inside and examined my pictures to see how exactly they were done in Ecuador.

It was then quite evident.. all they did was bend them around the beams. Easily enough I broke 5 fauns in half. Then I reexamined my technique. I then found that breaking via one side produces a thin strip of fibers that keep their strength while breaking the other way causes all the fibers to deterorate. I was quickly on a roll and out of palm leaves. Now I knew how to do it, I just needed more. MORE.