Palapa Persuasion

Jon and I were home from Ecuador and had since spent many weeks on a farm, in the mountains, on more busses than I can remember, at other beaches and in a couple of planes. The palapa was slowing being moved farther and farther away from priority and by the time I was back in Tucson I had almost forgotten all about it.. almost.
Over the weekend of May 27th, 2006 Jon and I traveled to LA with Will Kaner, The Arizona Surfers President, to enjoy some US waves and water (it was frigid). While in his Volvo driving about I began to reminisce about the palapa and recalled how I’d wanted to build one. Will, being a very energetic and “let’s do it!” kind of guy got excited about the project. We talked about it and the more Jon and Will seemed on board the more convinced I was that it would happen and once again the idea that had been brewing since March 31 had been born again, this time I was pretty confident it would soon be tangible.