Two Sides Almost Done

July 8th
We bought some little ball lights to go around the inside of the palapa. I think they make us feel like it’s almost done.

July 10th

We’ve learned that dried out leaves are not what we want. We want semi dead leaves on their way out. This new info helps a lot.

Will, Megan, and I drove about today to some ‘sites’ that we had found in Tucson and plucked from the trees their dying leaves. We got a number of good car loads. Jon arrived and we had a teams of workers. Two folks putting leaves up and two looking for more. It worked really well. We’ve almost got two sides done.

While sitting in the hammocks at the end of the day it occurs to us that we’ve finished the sides that get the least sun during the day. Though they are both the sides that are visible to us. So we feel good about it.