July 18th

Free palapa roof at school!

Will calls me up today and says dude they’re trimming the palm trees at school you’ve got to get over here and get them. So I drive over and ask the workers if I can take their green palm leaves. “Sure.” They don’t seem to be too put out about it. In fact the boss even has a guy pull all the green ones out for me to put into my car.

My car is loaded up to the brim, it’s awesome. One lady asks, “You makin’ a tree house?” and I say, “Yu
p! Exactly what I’m making.” She got all excited and laughed a lot. Two police officers ride by on their bikes and ask what I’m doing. I tell them, “I’m making a south American beach hut in my back yard.” Them seemed impressed, I felt impressive. I drove home with palm leaves sticking out my ears, parked the car, cooled off a bit, took some pictures, then pulled them out and started putting them up.

The leaves don’t have thorns but are like 6 feet long so I have to cut them down a bit. But they covered about half of the fourth side. The palapa looks even closer to completion. I’m excited.