March 21st, 2005 – What To Do While Glue Dries

The glue dried on the other parts and I continued to inspect the pieces and asses the need for repair.

Today I looked over the larger vent cover. Just as weatherd as the other parts, I started to get use to the fact that all parts needed to be refinished. The fabric on this piece was also on it’s way out, full of tears and rot. I started right away and removed what looked like aftermarket thumb tacks, used as a temporary fix once upon a time.

The wood looked gnarly and needed some serious cleaning up.

I moved on to the headboard – the main visual piece of the insturment. It was in need of some reattachemnt, but nothing some wood glue and time couldn’t fix.

While waiting on the wood glue for the headboard, I rallied up the stain and moved some parts that didn’t need the time. The keyboard cover, which I had previously glued, and the … (music holder? I don’t know what these parts are called.. look at the pictures)

Sanded, Masked, and Stained.

Old and shabby.

New and Shiny.