April 22st, 2005 – First Coat of New Paint

It needed to be Black – like space… without the stars. I was timid, but eager to begin to say the least.

I rode over to Ace and talked to the guys there. “I’m looking for a paint to last. Something to replace a paint from an old organ I’ve got…” I probably tried to get them enough information without making them think I’m trying to brag about some pet project I’ve got… I don’t know if it worked or not. They sold me some paint though. I rode back home and pulled out the piece, newly cleaned, still sitting on the chairs inside where I had last placed it to dry. I then took it outside and readied my things.

Taped off the sections I wanted to stay paint free and somewhat ‘original’ and went to town. The paint job was sloppy… but it did the trick. This piece is easy to get to so redoing it in the future shouldn’t be too harsh.