May 7th, 2005 – I felt…

The paint was quickly dry in the May sun of Tucson and I had brought the piece back inside where it could rest until my next chance to work on it. May 7th presented a nice opportunity quickly enough.

I evaluated the piece and then looked into reconstruction. With my tools readied and went to work. I had a new sheet of felt that was to be cut into pieces to reline the blocks and bottom piece, then new brass screws to make the whole backside look fancy, and lastly a new piece of leather to really do up the final touches. A little wood glue and some scissors to get the job done and I was in business.

I removed a collection of original hand forged nails and was pleased to be able to reuse them again. But I also found the will to make some of my own seemingly similar nails to fill in the gaps.

So in went the new leather piece.

I replaced the bottom felt which rests upon the keyboard and can be seen in horrid disrepair from the April cleaning session. The new piece is full and bright. It will be a happy place change of pace for the keys it sits upon.

I felt good after replacing all the felt. Perhaps that’s how it gets it’s name… probably not.

My work station.

Clean Metal and Wood, New Brass, Leather, and Felt – shnazzy.

Voilà! (<-is that right?) I mean to say - Presto Chango!