Initial Thoughts

I arrived home from Ecuador with a lot of ideas in my head. Some were considerations for life, other ideas were merely entertaining anecdotes, and a couple turned out to be plans of action. One such action plan was re-enrolling in school. Done. While it’s not been the smoothest time, I did it and am very glad I did. Another concept that came back was the Palapa. My most recent endeavor, in spired by travel abroad, has now become legitimate and tangable, and today it took the name of Boojum Boards and Design.. or something like that and I’ve started down the long road to shaping my own surfboards.

In November I purchased a length of balsa from the craft store and in december I finally put it together. I cut the lenth into small pieces, about 4 inches long, and then glued them up to form a small plank about 1/2 an inch wide. After the glue had set I pulled out some sand paper and massaged the ‘blank’ into my first surfboard. I held it high and touted it at home and to friends. I was now officially a shaper.

Next step up the sizes.