First Blank

Same night, we continue on.

The jig saw started to cut. Will and I were anxious… was this the next step? Had we forgotten something? Oh lord I hope not. Now we’re committed, now we’ve done it, now there… now we’ve got two pieces. Oh that’s not good. That side looks good. That side needs some work. What have we done.

We made our first cut and the board fell into my hand. The stiff edge giving my had just one more splinter to the palm – that makes five. The saw’s motor slowed and I unplugged it and carefully put it to rest. While I hadn’t had the steadiest hand it had preformed perfectly at it’s debut.

The we had a front edge now. The left side was lacking the fluidity of a finished product, but the right side showed promise and encouraged us to hone the look of the left. We re-cut the nose, removing about five centimeters. This time we used a pattern that we created and traced onto the board.

Will sat down and he held the belt sander in his lap and I took the board to the belt to round the edges off the blank. Cut, smoothed, and happy. Here’s to our first blank. Now let’s find a name.