Habaneros, Sauce & Broken Blender

Chad started talking first. Then I pulled out my lap top and started researching. Soon Chad was at his lap top. It didn’t take long before we were plotting to make some hot sauce, boil out pepper spray, extract capsaicin.

It wasn’t long before we were at the store buying several pounds of chilies, most of which were habaneros.

We dumped the little balls of flame onto a pan and lit the oven. A good roasting will extract the heat even further. We also lit the BBQ to roast some by charcoal.

Roasted and ready, we dumped the contents into the blender, plugged it in and pushed ‘GO.’

After hours of roasting and drinking we were stopped dead.

Chad then pulled out his hand crank blender and got going, but it wasn’t long before that too became too cumbersome.

— we fell asleep devastated.

The next day ——

Road to Value Village Thrift after class and found a $5 blender bottom, with a working motor.

The Waring Pro (3 Speed, trigger activated)

Alas, the bottom of the old jar was smaller than the new blender bottom. A solution was needed.

First I’ll drink some sun tea. mmmm


A dishwasher safe plastic cup! excellent.

We’ll just make a cut…

Then drill some holes and add some bolts…

Then another hole… and

The little bolts give the jar something to grab inside the cup and then stick out to sit in groves designed into the blender bottom. A nice hole in the center gives some space for the gears to grab.


Now all three pieces… and one into the next onto the third…