John Mizell’s Graduation Announcment

Howdy! Buenos Dias!
I would like to inform y’all that after 7 years I will be graduating from the University of Arizona with an Engineering Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Management with a minor in Material Science Engineering. I was surprised as well to hear the news.
I started my career at Arizona pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Astronomy and Physics in 2001. In 2005 I explored the degrees of Science Educations as well as Engineering Management. Last spring I officially changed my degree to Engineering Management, which is a hybrid degree combining business and management with systems and an engineering of choice. This past year I have elected to spend my time taking material science engineering courses. This spring I officially added a minor in Material Science Engineering to my degree. Along the way I also enjoyed the opportunity to interact with students throughout campus via my work within the residence halls, through the student government, writing terrible letters to the news paper, and in my work successfully starting four different campus organizations. Perhaps one of those experiences will land me a job.
After commencement in May I will still need to fulfill two requirements for my program. I will conclude a short internship with Rain Bird in June and I will need to complete a second semester chemistry laboratory course before August. My official graduation will be August 14, 2008 (Happy Birthday Mom), at which point I will have accumulated almost 180 units, some good, some bad.
I’d like to thank everyone for supporting me though my long career here and for giving me just enough hell to keep me truckin’. Without y’all I doubt I would have ever found myself close to acquiring my degree, as task which as not been the easiest for me to complete. I have yet to create my plans for beyond August and am highly susceptible to suggestion.
If you’d like to celebrate with me, commencement is scheduled for Saturday, May 17, 2008 here in Tucson and I’ll be hosting a BBQ that weekend. You’re welcome to stay in my home here in Tucson, as there is plenty of running water, cool floor tiles, and hammocks, all perfect for napping after long days in 100 degree heat.
Thank You All,
John Patrick Mizell
2904 E. Adams St.
Tucson, Arizona