Locallity & Feedback Loops

It’s been important to me for many years to explore your world as you
live in it. However, recently I listened to a lecture where the
individual professed that the solution only comes when a society
understands the problems via a feedback loop and the great American
downfall is the absence of feedback loops within our society,
automatically removed for our comfort and efficiency… which is
nice. However, he spoke, we are now at a point where our comfort and
efficiencies in society have lead to the efficient destruction of the
true environment and still we can’t create a solution because still we
have no clue what the problem is. We need some feedback.

While it will take quite some time for society (me) to create a
society (me at home) which responds in a significantly more sensitive
manner (me less comfortable). So I have, intentionally and
inadvertently created my own exportation and temporary interaction of
the societal feedback loop. In this respect I created a short list in
my head which I, for my own records and fear of my waning memory, will
write here in no particular order and various value.

Local public school (1-12)
Local garbage dump & recycling center
Sewage treatment plant
Rehabilitation center & halfway house
Soup kitchen
Affluent and poor neighborhoods
Place of higher education
Central transportation hub (train or bus)
Police station
Farmer’s Market
Empty feral lot

perhaps someday I will add more to this. – enjoy