I Got Ahead of Myself

Let me back up a minute.

Where did I start…

Tucson: August 28th, 1 AM

Hotel Congress: Kira, Chad, and I gulp down the last of our drinks and walk across to the train station. I board, stow my gear, and promptly fall asleep. The G/T was stiff, the long island more so.

I’m the last car on the train and the last room on the car. No neighbors. My view is an obstructed 270. Back window and one on each side. We’re still in the desert when I wake. New Mexico I believe. Breakfast soon turns into lunch into dinner into Texas into two more days and San Antonio. I saw the Alamo by street light and enjoy a Lone Star at Alibi. Live music tonight. The train is still there when I get back. I put my self to bed and am rocked to sleep as my car is moved, shuffled, decoupled, shuffled, recoupled, moved, and departs the station. North.

Now my room is at the front, just ahead of the dining car. I see everyone come and go. Its lively.

Texas, again. Texarkana. Little Rock. Its green. St Louis. It’s really green. An arch, a stadium, neighbors move in. Neighbors move out. The people are fascinating. Crazy, kooky, bright, beaten, black and blue. Photographers and artists, fragile folks, at this point a lot of drawls and y’alls, I’s fits right in.

A carpenter and his wife join me for dinner. He’s been to Antarctica, Russia, Cuba, China, and Tennessee. He works with the US Embassy.

A nurse/text book writer and her husband computer engineer/photographer keep me company for several meals. Puns more than I expected. I’m engaged, enthusiastic, enthralled with their company. They’re happy!

Chicago arrives. Everyone off. I’m first class. So is she. So are they. Sleepers, it only costs about $500 to get free crackers and juice and someone to watch your things for an hour.