Cereus repandus – "Peruvian Apple Cactus" – Dragon Fruit Look Alike

Cereus repandus – The “Peruvian Apple Cactus” – Dragon Fruit Look Alike

**insert alley picture**

The Fruit (similar in flesh to the Dragon Fruit)

A somewhat normal looking cactus with delicious fruit that are very similar to the Dragon Fruit, however the plants are not at all the same. The one Kira found is sitting in the north alley way on 5th street, just west of Euclid in Tucson, Arizona. But what is it? So we search.

The inside of a smaller fruit.

Google creates no solution. Change the query, still, nothing. We give up on our internet search and move to asking real people. Curious.

We took our fruit sample and a sketch to the University of Arizona Herbarium (a delightful place) where they gave us some gawked at the remarkable little sample and then provided some friendly tips on which genus’ to have a look at. It was back to the internet and there it was, Cereus repandus – The “Peruvian Apple Cactus.”

Back in the alley way I cut a couple pieces and brought them to my place and put them in a box so I too could enjoy the delicious fruit. Hopefully they’ll take root.