The Ice Palaces


Blocks of Ice. Piled high. Filled with fluorescents. Designed with slides. This is one fantastic playground! I don’t think I’ve had so much fun running around hand-made ice-structures in my life (granted I don’t know if I’ve ever run around hand-made ice-structures before). This was great and every slide was a blast. Solo, standing, belly first, down sides that were chest high or slides that came down from four stories up. The end was always the same; full boar into a pile of light fluffy powder. If you were lucky your face would be covered and you’d get a good laugh from everyone around as you brushed it off and ran back up the stairs. Though you were cold, bone chilled, you teeth hurt it was so cold, there was never a moment without a smile and a laugh and a let’s do it again!

Thank you Harbin!

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