A Night For Firsts

Looking for beers after a great meal at ‘the local joint’ and we find ourselves here.

We duck into the only place that doesn’t seem to be Muslim, across from the hotel Becci is staying in, and the first two characters in it’s sign are Tea and Beer.. Not a bad start.

Oddly enough we walk in to find the receptionists desk surrounded by a series of small cubicles with tables and chairs and men and women in them… it becomes clear to me, this isn’t the place to be. I’m third inside and Dan is negotiating with the ‘bartender.’ I follow upstairs as I look about at the gentlemen sitting about the tables within the cubicles. This place is far from social. Up a series of stairs and past a bathroom with a sink full of brown liquid and to our room. No knob, no lock, just a hole with some twisted metal.

Inside the ceiling is covered in holiday paper, there is a set of four chairs around a plain table, a t.v. in the corner and a fan above it pointing downward toward the simple bed in the corner. A glance about the room indicates we’re all on the same page now.

What have we done?


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