Cell Phones & Falling Snow

Yesterday we enjoyed our first day of classroom time. It was observations with a bit of interaction and ranged from 5 year-olds to adults. It was interesting to see the techniques for forcing language down someone’s throat in hopes that it will come back up within moments. The whole day was quite informational and gave Dan and I a good amount to chew on before starting our teaching next week. I finally picked up a cell phone and sim-card and now I can leave the nest without fear of never seeing anyone again. Though it’s quite difficult to return to the standard black and white candy bar phone after using a smart phone for the past year and a half. Especially since it’s in Chinese… at least until I changed the language settings. I’m not really sure what I’m charged for, but if anyone needs to get a hold of me – 150……….. I’ll get it to you later. This morning, bright and early, a rally woke me up. It was refreshing. A peek out the window showed no crowds but lovely falling snow. I guess it’s going to be a cold one today.

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