We were asked to do some recruitment for Aston-Hohhot. So we looked into it and here were the terms: Make a recruitment video for the Hohhot branch of the company as a tool to recruit new teachers with. It was to be a competition. (the other schools had know about this for months already) First prize was 2000 RMB. The other videos are on YouTube. We checked them out. We thought we had a chance. We began brainstorming ideas putting down pages full of notes, hours of tea and cakes, and really difficult work. Really.

After two weeks of scripting, filming, and producing, we feel that TODAY we finally have the perfect representation of both city, society, and school here in Hohhot, China and we present it to you now, so please enjoy.

Copyright John Patrick Mizell & Daniel Gregory Tuttle 2009, All Rights Reserved.


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