The Weekend Begins Again

As the weekend begins agin Dan and I reflect on a job done. We have yet to find out if our boss actually received the video or has watched it, however, it’s not important. What is important is that we’ve begun brainstorming our next projects and they’re going to be substantial. Using our daily experiences, our studio, and pulling from local and foreign inspirations we anticipate producing shorts which maintain both increases in technical quality as well as substantive quality. – I feel it’s important I convey my enthusiasm.

More so, in anticipation of becoming, well simply put, HUGE POP stars of China, I have been educating myself and experimenting with the dissemination of information and media here on this site using many google services – as it may have been noticed there are advertisements on many of these pages now. I assure you these are for testing purposes only (unless of course y’all start earning me money!)

So, as things go, that’s the update. Here’s to health, energy, and the weekend, maybe I’ll get some new jeans here soon.