Project Inventory Blowout

It’s important, Dan says and I agree, to keep inventory low and maintain our project momentum. This project has been on the shelf for about a month now, collecting dust, requiring a great deal of polishing, and weighing down our All American Creativity and Freedom Balloon Ride Festival. Therefore, in order to save resources and set ourselves free, we have decided to pull it off the shelf and we’re passing the savings on to you!

Fortunately, with this number out of my hair, I can now spend time on grooming new projects and my mustache. I’m excited about our upcoming projects and hope you are looking forward to our next quality feature. Stay tuned.

Song Background:
This little number came while walking back from the office about two months ago. Settled nicely into our neighborhood, we continually received the attention of every single individual within sight. This confused us, we no longer felt alien, in fact we corroborated that our comfort level was that of our native home. It was becoming more and more difficult to make distinctions between our global locals. Burdened by our chnscienceness, we felt there was only one way to express ourselves. This song is it.

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