Evening Recording Session

Rain poured down all night and into the morning. Our plans for a massive mountain bike ride was heavily diluted and we sprung onto plan B. Dan and I rearranged the house a bit and I moved my queen bed into the ‘lobby’ as dan dismantled his and took ownership of mine. Only one broken glass later we were moving parts of Dan’s bed down stairs and across the ‘quad’ into Becci’s extra room, from which we were extracting my new single bed. Still stiff as a board and with a few broken planks I was happy to have more space in my already large spacious corner of the apartment. Dan graciously stuck to the plan and heaved beds up and down stairs and within the hour we were all cleaned up and tucked back into our apartment.

About an hour later we called B to get some lunch and revise our previous plans. The suggested in town bicycle ride accompanied by small shopping stops and lunch hit home and we embarked. The rain fell harder as a result. Dan and I were wearing shorts. My hands were cold, but the weather was warm enough.

A man passed us along the way carrying five locked bicycles in his bike-truck. I wanted to kick the thief’s teeth in. Dan and Becci asked me to relax. I held on as long as I could and then followed their advice. We continued on.

Parking our bikes we successfully obtained a new sleeping bag for me, a head lamp (for me), lunch (for all of us), a hand drier, and a soap dispenser (for the school). Feeling successful we stopped at the school to drop our goods and then jumped down stairs to pick up a new phone for me, where upon Dan lost his mind and Becci followed quickly.

Less than 30 minutes later we were in the apartment drinking and writing songs. Close to 4 hours later Becci picked up her keyboard and Dan put away his guitar and we called it a night. The number of tracks recorded exceeding 15. This is the finest of them all. Un-edited. Un-cut. Un-professional. Yet fantastically awesome. I hope you do enjoy.

Daye (大爷)Pronounced something like Dye-yea, is translated to mean uncle, but has context of any elder and respect man. Strangers whom you meet at shops, stores, help you with directions, or watch after your things can all be referred to as daye. In this case Daye is our school’s night watch man and security guard, handy man, janitor, and general go to guy. And he’s got the most personality of all employees at Aston, including myself. With the most respect, this song was written and recorded, and we all hope to make him as happy and comfortable as we possibly can. Hat’s off to our Daye.

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