Vote for Hohhot.

Aston Corporate has finally put it’s pieces together and erected a live voting site for the various recruitment videos regions have put together. Remember ours, way back at the end of March? Here’s another look if you’ve forgotten.

Now we’re going to need your Honest To Goodness Opinion and a couple clicks with a pointer in your favorite browser.

We are nestled up here in the North, so look for Hohhot under the North and South Region category (yeah, I know, way to use your brain grouping school Aston, but go with it.) If you click on the link to view the video it will bring you back here. But go for it. Then We’ll need you to click-click-click-a-roo and then tell your friends.

This IS a competition for hard earned Chinese dolla-bills. So it’s serious. Remember. Don’t finish reading this, instead click