Hiking Through Hohhot

Perhaps we’re at the end of our rope, or perhaps we’ve finally found something else to hold on to in life, but Dan and I have begun and maintained a nice streak of extracurricular activities that shy away from visiting various clubs and bars and sucking down the worthless beer of China just for giggles.

Finding great joy in the hills and mountains of Hohhot, this is one place we are finding ourselves on a frequent basis. In the last three weeks, we’ve managed to get out of the city 5 times while still showing up to work and successfully recruited a group of eight in last weeks adventure upward.

In conjunction with these walks into the hills, we’ve also enjoyed a vigor for interacting with our community via good works and lots of smiles. For us our actions are justified through ChinaClown – for the rest of the community, it seems our actions are justified as foreigners. Our most recent endeavor was met with a standing ovation as we serenaded the lonely and bored trinket vendors of the resounding gorges park (a place of sand dunes) with a classically flamenco ukea-john show. Previous interactions were equally welcomed and enjoyed.

On all accounts, our ventures have been duly documented and if not for the untimely dismantling of ChinaClown.com I would be working on and presenting a number of short films in tribute to each of these activities, however as it is, I will be again spending my time building a website.

Look for posts to come regarding:
– Fishing with Neighbors
– Sand Dunes & Camel Races
– Hiking & Caving with Friends
– A Ride into the Hills and Back
as well as many more songs and videos…

Until then, be safe.