Sidecar fun.

Imagine … no, believe this all happened.  Now close your eyes. (hopefully someone is reading this aloud).

Your buddy had this box in his driveway.  It’s a big crate looking thing.  It’s all wooden.  He/she’s standing there with a crow-bar and saying, “go ahead, open it.  have a look.”  The temptation overwhelms you, you’re soaked.  You look up to find it’s raining.  It’s been raining, but you hadn’t noticed, you just thought you perspired a lot.  You tear away at the crate.  Your anticipation catches up with your sense and you mash your finger.  The blood diluted by the buckets falling over your head only remind you of the humanity in all this emotion.  The box finally falls open and you wake up a week later, still wet with excitement.

You get a call while you’re at work.  You make a few promises about meeting up after and completely muff up the time.  You’re off by an hour and your phone rings reminding you of your mistake for an hour.  The minute strikes and you are in and out of the elevator like an Aerosmith quickie.  The taxi delivers you right to where you last left the box and there she is.  Waiting, as any good friend would.  There are some negotiations, but at last you’re a priority, so you’re one of the four.  A seat at the front.  The green metal wraps around your body, almost form fitted.  Your knees are on your chest and seem to pulse with each heart beat, but this seems all too natural.  Once started, there is no undoing.

The Chinese motor runs loud, and it’s close to your ear.  The road runs below your feet, only inches away.  Bugs fly through your teeth, and the wind whistles through your ears.  It’s tough to imagine a better hobby.  It’s truly fantastic.

First ride in the moto-sidecar through Hohhot.

Really it was a great way to see the city on a warm night. Four little ducks sitting on a fast moving bike.  Thumbs were going up all over, I couldn’t keep track. & every taxi driver was our new friend.  Dan now needs to have a serious talk with some friends of his regarding legitimacy. Because I proclaim it Bay Area Perfect.