Fuding (with caveats)

Arrived into Fuding last night after a long ride, 79 km, up hill, well half the time.

2009-08-10 Fuding-Fuding
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Escaped Fuding, shirtless cycling, tea fields, muddy roads, beautiful waterfalls, horrid hill-climbs, tea fields, water buffalo #3, 4 & 5, stone mills, up & up, village lunch & once over, turned around, scenic downhill ride, a goat heard, photographs, hands free riding, mechanical failures, a wreck, one guy & three women, disapointment, the 6:15 bus, Fuzhou

Lots of story to fill here as I get time to pull out my journal and put online.

Yesterday we rode.  Today we slept late and rested. Tomorrow we ride.  No one knows what the schedule is suppose to look like.

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