JiangkouZhen Arrival

In or near a city called JiangkouZhen, near Putian. We’re both very tired. Very Tired.

2009-08-12 Fuzhou-Putian

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Not a lot to write about today, except that today was the most draining of all the days for me yet. Sun-burnt, I woke up grumpy and then we left Fuzhou, rode through a congested and unattractive city and then climbed out of the urban areas. Traveling along a minor highway, we were continually bombarded with traffic, the worst component being the incessant honking of horns. If for every beautiful sight I see along the way my life expectancy increases by some number of years due to some acquired peace, I’ve lost twice that in the anxiety of blaring horns from all directions meters away from my head. To fuel my frustration further, I had replaced my seat after a through cleaning of the bike the night before and found, to my dismay, that after 50 km my entire body ached and strained, and not until I readjusted my seat to it’s regular position did my body begin to wear with the ride appropriately. Once we pulled into town I took a shower and imediately my sunburns awoke and have been bothering me since.  In general, I’m tired, grumpy, and today was ugly. I expect tomorrow to be the upswing as we ride on to Chongwu for some RnR and then the final push to Hong Kong only some 700 km away.  Easy as pie!