Berkeley to Palo Alto

The basic plan for the day:
Berkeley to Palo Alto, California

Post ride evaluation:

This is not the Best route one could have taken to get from SF to PA, however, it wasn’t bad.  At one point the bike lane vanished and the road was essentially a freeway on/off ramp and it was necessary to keep my wits about me.  Also the short route through the Burlingame area, roads were narrow and unkept, full of potholes and debris.  For the most part, the ride was easy.  For a total of 33 miles (per I was able to ride south to north in 2:15.  That includes stopping for just about every signal in suburbia, riding with a loaded day pack on the back of the bicycle, two bicycle malfunctions, and stopping at a signal to give a brief talk on bicycle safety and sharing the road with a passing motorist.

Good Times

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