Colorado Racing

The Pikes Peak Road Runner’s Fall Series.

Race 1 was an introductory race to get acclimatized to the oxygen levels and the temperature of the fall in Colorado for me.  The race was 3.2-3.5 miles and the second third of the race involved running up Monument Creek, a shallow waterway filled with sand, rocks, and Iron and Copper from local and upriver mining operations.  It was quite invigorating and the temperature made the water effect pleasant.  All sorts of folks participated including Mom!  All went well, however, the next race should be substantially more competitive for me.  Looking to cut my time in HALF!

Future Races are every other Sunday on 10/18/09 (Race 2), 11/1/09 (Race 3), & 11/15/09 (Race 4).

Race 1 Results