Chad’s Podcast (Cooler Name Coming Soon)

Chad is wanting for his own podcast, clearly. So now, he has his very own place on  BUT doesn’t have the willpower to carry such a profound character, SO the people at have put together a crack team of monkeys on crack who are charged with the acquisition, development, and maintenance of this new domain space to represent the legend.  However, first things first, a domain name must be found! And we need YOU America to submit and vote on you’re favorite Chad domain today!

Here are some suggestions to wet your whistle:

  • …Submit your suggestions and I’ll get my ten spot ready!

Enjoy his first official podcast.


9 responses to “Chad’s Podcast (Cooler Name Coming Soon)”

  1. *sigh* No Anchovies needs me! You could have a Brangelina name like Chanson or Densad. I’m not good with this crap.

  2. What about something retro like “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Chad”
    Something dry like “Lake Chad”
    Something stupid like “Hanging Chads”
    A spin on Kfet, “C-Dens”
    something cool like “Alltel Chad”
    Charlies Angelsesk “The Chad was excellent”
    Reminiscent of Jon Clark, “I’ll give you Chad for $7.”
    Under the influence of Kira, “Chad can quiche my behind.”
    As told by Dave, “Chad falafel the roof.”
    Exaggerated by Dan, “Chad’s crazy, crazy, crazy hot!”
    Thought of by Hailey, “Chad needs to feed me.”
    By Obie, “Why is Chad feeding me?”
    Jessica Simpson, “Oh, Chad! Yes! Chad!”
    The surf club, “Chadical dude!”
    GM’s spin, “Chadillac”
    The English version, “Chaduar”
    Native American aspect, “Chippewa Chad”
    Primetime drama, “Chad in Charge”