Snow Run

PPRR Fall Series, Race IV

Hey-O. The last race of the series and sure enough it’s snowing. Fortunately, The Springs is an environmentally excitable place that holds true to it’s mild climate. So, even though the wind was blowing and snow was falling, the brisk air became a welcome addition to the morning’s inclined and rocky run. Unfortunately, due to snowy conditions, about two thirds through the race it became evident, as we looked down the ridge below us, that we and the other individuals within our running pack where no longer on the correct trail. As we went up, up, up, the rest of the race were running down, far below us on flat paved road. It made the going even slower when we could see the water stops and photographers lining the trail far below. However, as we rounded the trail at the top of the hill, we were rewarded to find a pack of runners and a collection of orange streamers hanging from trees, blue arrows in the snow, and a generally well trodden path. However, to our dissatisfaction, young children and a collection of slow pokes filled the trail ahead of us. It was clear our times were going to be severely effected as it was probable that our distance was extended.

In the end, we ran about five and a half miles in fifty minutes, finishing behind about one hundred and twenty other individuals. Depressing. But, hey, at least the views were spectacular.

Today’s Results
# 164 overall. # 19/22 in my age group, shux

Series Results
# 68 overall, # 7/10 in my age group. Damn.

I guess, now I know. As Bernie says.. “good for you, no matter what.”

PPRR Fall Series IV – Palmer Park