“Merry Christmas From The Family” (The Christmas Duck)

—–“Merry Christmas From The Family” (The Christmas Duck)——-

Deep down in Colorado
way back in the mountains
beside a bubbling creek
long past the the doe and buck

There lives a stubborn lady
a woman to be avoided
a lass who could cause a ruckus
where misfortune runs amuck

Ten years to this Christmas day
at the holiday animal pageant
she put forth her finest lot
and showed a mangey duck

That witch, she cursed and swallowed
and brewed up all her demons
she brought out all her vices
and blessed her self with luck

And just as you would know it
from George to Ben Bernanke
she pinned on her blue ribbon
and departed like a shmuck

Yet justice is expected
it came what was deserved
the biggest of all her toes
collided with her truck

To the ground she crumpled
down among the refuse
in dog hair and ducky feathers
her hands deep in the muck

Reddened and enraged
she vanished into thin air
away like our last furry friend
into the night she snuck

Never to be seen again
that witch she is remembered
she’s in among the aspens
and sings of what she’s struck

Ten years this Christmas day
we deep in Colorado
take time out to remember
and listen for that Christmas Witches duck


Lyrics: 帅巴 J
Music & Composition: 帅巴 J

3 responses to ““Merry Christmas From The Family” (The Christmas Duck)”

  1. Ka-Quak!!!!! Ka-Quak!!!!!
    Now, were you going for a Johnny Cash sound, or more of a Ramblin’ Joe Petticoat?