Geocaching – Getting Started

It wasn’t Tuesday.  I think it was a Saturday.  It was straightforward.  I connected my brand new GPS to  my computer, downloaded a few way points, and put the GPS in my pocket.  About three hours later, after we’d done our errands for the day, I pulled out the shiny new dodad and looked for a maker near by.  Then I said, “hey, let’s go look for a little geocache… thingie… err something.” and she said, “Okay.”  We pulled the car over and jumped our.  We were at a park.  I take a look at my numbers, it says 300 ft. and we start walking.

Next thing I know we’re at a spot and we’re looking for a something or anther.  Now typically you’d expect a “Bam! I found it.” but the trouble is I didn’t read the rules before I left.  So in keeping with all good treasure hunters, I found a stick and started poking around, looking for soft soil, someplace that looked like it had been tampered with.

A good half hour passed and we hadn’t found anything.  We restarted our search a half dozen times and couldn’t figure it out.  Eventually, we gave up, again.  Started to walk away, then we took one more peek… and there it was BAM! easy. Obvious. Tiny. Interesting.

… and so it began.  Our Geocaching career.

Cache Found:

GC1JNAM: Fremont Park Cache