Geocaching – Rolling with Anna

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Bridge Town – that’s about halfway through the day, along the river walk and on our way to the RIVERSIDE cache in Colorado Springs, CO.

Caches Found (day 1):

GC19453: X – Show You Mine

GC19454: X – Show Me Yours

GC1VKWM: A Heavy Cache

GC1DKMH: Urban Trails – Sinton Trail

GC195K6: -4 Cheerful Gorilla

GC22QYM: Cache-A-Day: Jan. 8

GC22QYK: Cache-A-Day: Jan. 7


Caches Found (day 2):

GC1JP0X: Tomah Park

GC14GK9: An Angel Watches Over Me

GC19AB1: See Spot Tweet


GCGW4E: Adventurer #2