Geocaching – Holly’s Pueblo Adventure

Pueblo, Colorado, USA

We drove down to Pueblo for a short stay with Holly before we left town and decided instead of her trying to entertain us, we’d take her out and explore the campus and Pueblo.  This turned out to be a perfect venue for a short visit and a lunch break in the park with a mass of migrating birds was a plus too.

Caches Found:

GC1W34: CSU Tour #4 – Mosquito Falls

GC16GVD: CSU Tour #5 – Up Next

GC14BKF: Back to School

GC16GV6: CSU Tour #1 New Field

GC1M42D: Almost Bullseye

GC16GV8: CSU Tour #3 – Need a Ride?

GC14W0G: Arroyo

GC16PD7: Dead Wood