GC23M12: Rocks & Spikes – California

Sitting at a comfortable 26 cache finds in three states of the union we felt it really was time to start contributing.

So we crafted a little ‘box’ of sorts out of some scrap redwood that we had sitting in the basement.  Sanded a little plug out of some other redwood and rolled up a log sheet and popped it in.  All together it took about six minutes.  Easy as pie!

Then Kira got home from work and we went on an exploratory walk of the neighborhood in order to find the perfect first hiding spot.  Someplace we’d like others to see because we’ve received joy from it too.  And.. that’s the sun set.  We hope you enjoy this find.

Here it is online @ Geocaching.com


Find it on your own with the coordinates:

N 37° 51.971 W 122° 14.644


And Of Course, Here’s A Spoiler Photo