A Wak With Bernie.

walking with bernie and Kira

A beautiful, extensive, and long winded walk through the Bay Area on Saturday …


was followed by a purchase of a rad little scoot-about.

3 responses to “A Wak With Bernie.”

  1. I love the fact that you can see your exit from the train at Ashby BART, then your walk along the platform to the escalator, riding it up, exiting and walking up the staircase to the signal, then wandering all over Berkeley Bowl. Now, if only I knew the layout of the store better, I could predict your purchases.

    • Yeah! Sweet eh? I’ll work on walking the store and charting each isle’s contents. Then I’ll shop again and see if you can figure out my list. A Sweet New Game to Play!!!

  2. what the make of the scooter? how many CC’s? how much did it set you back? this one is in the local paper:Blue Rocketa 49cc Moped. Great condition. Just serviced. $450. 725-7887. any good?