GC24AXY: Fisherman’s Cove – California


In a dandy sepulcher by the sea,
is where this geocache be.
and it’s not a prank,
when we say you should thank
E.B.Moritz Foundry


This beach of sun and glee,
basking in line with the sea.
And our little package of fun,
spends days with it’s companion,
Mr. E.B.Moritz’ Iron Foundry

Cache is in a camo pill bottle. Once you’ve found it have a look about and smile at the neighbors who are excited to see you visit. Hopefully you’ll enjoy visiting one of Laguna’s quieter beaches. Watch out for the ever present muggles.

BYOP or stamp. Please report any issues and well fix it promptly. Cheers!

Here it is online @ Geocaching.com


Find it on your own with the coordinates:

N 33° 32.731 W 117° 47.737


And Of Course, Here’s A Spoiler Photo