The Basement Build

Finally a post about the progress on our new space. The basement! Started way way way back in 2006. Then it was just a clean, cement floored, spacious, basement where no one went unless they wanted to do laundry. AND NOW. It’s a dirty, saw-dust floored, cluttered, basement level where no one goes unless they Need to do laundry and then sometimes they do it down the hill. BUT after just about four years of ‘work,’ it’s coming together faster than ever and here’s the proof. Both the proof we’ve been working on it for so long AND the proof that we’re getting somewhere with it. Hopefully by the end of this I’ll have a nice inventory of tools purchased, garbage produced, and materials used. It should be fun!

Generally, progress is coming along as every day Andrew and I get a little more done. Some days it’s mounds of work, other days it’s mounds of failure, and most days it’s somewhere in the middle. But every day we’re sure to look real busy between 3:30 and 5:00 PM just about the time Kira get’s home from a 10 hour day at work. About then we throw saw dust in our hair, and get either a really puzzeled look on our face as we stare at some unimportant object in the room, or we put on the frustrated cuss and spit look as we move lumber around, from here to there and from there to here.. With that said, some days we can’t get away with sleeping in, eating a late breakfast, checking email, going down the hill for lunch, picking the right music, and starting our hammers somewhere close to 3. Because it’s the weekend, and the boss dawns her head-gear and gloves, and starts swinging her fancy 20 oz hammer (note: Andrew’s hammer = 19 oz. and SOMEONE busted the head off my hammer..shhhh) [See chart “Hammer Off” below for more detail] and calling all the shots. Then again, I suppose those are the days we get the most done.

CHART: Hammer Off

But we’re sure to finish every day off with a beautiful sunset, maybe a nice stroll through the hills, sometimes a cool cocktail and some deck time, and always a coulpe more fantasies of how’s it’s gonna be when all is said and done.

Two of my favorite photos so far:

From Basement Build
From Basement Build

I’ve got a number of photos online, and if any of the helper-bees ever took photos feel free to send them to me and I’ll be sure to annotate your name into our log book as helping and therefore allotting you to your fair share of the space. And if you haven’t come out to help, well, there’s still time!

Check back for more as progress grows into our new home. Cheers!

2 responses to “The Basement Build”

  1. The slow motion video was great! Just about the pace I move in full speed. Blue sink the corner cracked? More photos with commentary please.

  2. I didn’t see any pictures of your super great brother Grant… didn’t he build a superb cupboard space? And also repair a hammer…