My Bicycle Pedal Question – Answered

I suppose I know the answer to the question, if I’ve kept all my documentation. However, if memory serves me right, my documentation of what pedal type I own is sitting in Tucson, in a box, labeled bicycle parts.. or maybe in the Mojave with all my tools. I suppose that’s the problem with being in pieces. And since I am in pieces, I’m asking you. What kind of pedal is this?

Above: Shoe Cleat, Below: Pedal.

These are twist in/twist out cleats.  Someone in Berkeley once suggested, “Track Pedal.”

Tired of waiting for an answer from no one, I felt like a more active attempt at getting this problem solved was to post it to craigslist, Bay Area. You can Follow Along if you’d like (EXPLICIT) – then, about 20 minutes later I got a reply and just like that my question was answered. The pedal was a Coombe, made by Bill Coombe in Colorado.  Unfortunately, for what ever reason, Bill Coombe closed his shop in 2006 and left the world out of luck.  Bummer, eh?  So I got onto wikipedia and righted a wrong and added Bill Coombe to the list of clipless pedal manufactures.  I even added it’s very own Coombe Clipless Pedal page. Hopefully, the page gains more information and grows into something a bit more useful to the world.  We’ll see.

And just for fun here is a cool pedal picture museum to check out: Speedplay’s Pedal History Museum