Telecom John

Without fail, even if your standing on our deck, waving your hand in the air, standing on a box, wearing an tin foil hat, if you’re using your cell phone, your call will be dropped.  It is one of the most frustrating parts of my day.  As I look at one of the country’s largest cities I can’t call Kira to say hello.  And this isn’t a passing thing.  This isn’t a bad day, or a fight with a neighbor that passes as the seasons do and soon I forget and move on.  It’s every time I make a phone call, or find a voice mail waiting for me with no indication of a call.  I’m enraged.

So I get online to think about how I can figure this out.  I look at AT&T’s website and it just ends in terror.  Below is their coverage map.  It’s wrong.  I’m confused.

But then I look closer and I find it is indeed NOT wrong.  My  mistake.  They’ve created a map, of the United States, colored with blue and orange and with roads and cities and you can even find your own street if you wanted to.  And it might be covered in a color.  There is even a key at the bottom, telling you what colors mean.  And then there’s a small ‘learn more’ link that really should be clicked on.

And so as of today I’m selling cell service to anyone who would like it for just $1 a month.  I offer the best coverage and speeds in the nation, better than anyone else AND I’ll even offer an unlimited package for just $2 a month.  See MY map for coverage. Welcome to the new Telecom-John!


2 responses to “Telecom John”

  1. So, what phone packages can I get with Telecom-John? Do you have convenient and courteous customer serivce? If I sign up now, do I get free gummy bears?