A Bicycle

After a few months of planning and shopping, followed by about a month of assembly, I’ve finally completed it.



Comprised of both new and used parts. I’ve put together a solid Soma Double Cross light touring frame, capable of any all out race I chose to engage in.

[Used Portion: frame, pedals, clips & shoes, wheels, tubes, tires, rear derailleur, water bottle cage, pump, rear light, brakes, shifters, & seat post.

New Portion: saddle, front fork, handlebar tape, cables & housing, brake levers, crank, chain, sprocket, front derailleur, front light, brake pads, & bottom bracket. ]

And all of this for the low low price of … much more than a new bicycle.  DOHith!  Oh well, I got exactly what I wanted, and now I’m ready for my next installment of cash so I can make changes.

Until then.. here’s to riding up the hill in style!