The Basement Build – Episode VII

The seventh in a series of episodes chronicling the progress of the basement through recorded media.

Episode seven, “Get The Lead Out,”  frames the acquisition and renovation of a acquired second hand solid wood five-panel door.  This episode also marks the four year anniversary of the project, showing the significant delays as well as the great accomplishment and progress.

Follow the series to see how it all comes along, and when it will ever get done.

Featuring Music by Dread Zepplin.

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2 responses to “The Basement Build – Episode VII”

  1. Seeing this makes me wish I were around to help out. How many steps after the door? Should I be expecting a five-year anniversary or a completion ceremony when I get back?

    • Not many steps left.
      Things to complete as of July 1.
      – Patch into main electrical
      – Install all electrical fixtures (switches, sockets, lamps, etc.)
      – Apply final coats of joint compound for wall smoothing
      – Paint
      – Lay flooring
      – Install door
      – Install Window (Big one)
      – Install finishing work (moulding, cabinets, etc)
      – + the loft is still not completed
      So lots of work left to do, some easy, some cumbersome, some intimidating. We’ll be sure to have something for you to do once you’re home <- ;)