Bloody Rock, Mendocino National Forest

For Kira’s Birthday this past weekend we set off on a hike that would, we hoped, begin to off set our highly skewed wilderness record. (see Mongollon).  Our hike this time around was just about six months the opposite the timing of our last adventure, so we felt odds were in our favor.  However, we still set our minds to a week full of planning making phone calls, looking at maps, reading weather reports, trail reviews, and packing both our car and our bags for anything.

I can tell you now, we made it home safe.  Phew.

It was a short 2 mile hike that ended at the junction of Grindstone Creek and the Eel River.  Both of which surprised us with the volume of water flowing through them.  I kicked myself for not acquiring a fishing license and bringing my goods.  Bloody rock was a beautiful view, and framed the wilderness we were hiking through quite well.  Remarkably, the only deer we saw was along the road.  However, through out the hike Kira almost stepped on three different kinds of snake – so that was an added bonus of sleeping on the ground.

Photos From The Weekend: